Why do you need SEO Services in Dubai?

Welcome to RankHigher.ae, the leading SEO Company in Dubai.  If you are looking to hire the professional services of SEO experts, you have arrived at the right place. More than a billion queries happen on Google everyday. The search engine queries in Dubai alone account for several thousand every day. Whether you are a small business or a corporate in Dubai, you should have your website on the first page of Google for search terms related to your business. This will help your business be discovered and will get you more leads and sales. Our SEO strategies have stood the test of time and we have helped brands grow their website traffic by 10X through effective SEO execution.

Why are RankHigher.ae’s SEO services important for your growth?

RankHigher.ae is one of the best SEO companies in Dubai to work with for your business success. Our team of SEO experts and SEO consultants have several years of experience helping websites climb up on search engines and generate more sales. Being a premium internet marketing company in Dubai, we develop tailored SEO strategies that are suitable for you.

SEO is a combination of sound business understanding and technical competency. Our team of SEO experts work with your throughout the engagement to understand your business, your niche, your industry and how customers are searching on Google. For example, if you are in the business of selling shoes online, you should be analysing the search intent of your users. If a prospect is searching for “Buy shoes online”, he/she is searching with the intention of buying. That is a strong signal. Your website needs to come on page 1 for this search term.

Research has shown that very few users go past the first page of Google to look for relevant websites. This means, if you are languishing anywhere but the first page of Google for search terms which are directly relevant for your business, you are losing out on big revenue growth.

SEO is by the far the best way to drive business growth. Since the effects of SEO are everlasting, and users always look to Google to help them with options, a good SEO strategy will always be a cheaper and more viable option than any of the BTL or ATL advertising campaigns that you may be having.

SEO is a long term strategy for your business. The efforts that you put in every month yield exponential returns. Being a professional SEO company in Dubai, we understand this and we are committed to help your business grow online.

Our SEO Services for Dubai Companies 

  • SEO Site Assessment

If you want  a comprehensive website assessment, or a sort of blueprint of your current SEO, we will provide an extensive audit for you. This audit will contain:

  1. Anslysis of your Site
  2. SWOT Analysis
  3. Competitors
  4. Keyword Research
  5. Website Structure
  6. On-Page
  7. Performance Analysis
  8. Technical analysis
  9. Backlinks
  10. Competitor Link Analysis
  11. Proposed changes to the website

This will be a 30 Page report. Timeline of Delivery: 4 weeks from the date of purchase

  1. SEO Consulting Services

10 hours a month Consulting Service

  1. Develop an end to end SEO plan for client
  2. Monitor client’s SEO work
  3. Consult the team on SEO progress
  1. SEO Training

We conduct in-house training for brands who have their own SEO team. In our rigorous 2 day training, we address:

    1. Client’s current SEO challenges
    2. Identifying keywords
    3. Analysing website structure, On-Page and backlinks
  1. Professional SEO Services

4.1 Keyword Based SEO for Small/Medium Websites

6 Months contract.

We have packages for 10 keywords, 15 keywords and 20 keywords.

4.2 Advanced SEO for Large Websites

1 Year Contract, End to End SEO

Our billing is quarterly, at the start of each quarter.

Our time tested SEO Strategies for Business Success

SEO is an ever changing field. With constant algorithm updates, Google has ensured that only credible websites get SEO benefits and those that employ shady practices will be penalised. Therefore, every business needs to be aware of sound SEO principles and how to benefit from SEO. Through our years of experience, we have realised something interesting. To be successful in SEO, you do not need to lose your sleep over every algorithm updates. All you need to do is define and execute sound SEO principles that are everlasting and will always help you grow. Google’s algorithm updates have helped weed out the short term players who wanted to gain quickly. Those websites which have followed the best practices have and always will dominate Google search rankings.

Below, we have listed out 7 activities that help us win the SEO game.

  • Understanding business Value proposition

When we start a new project, our SEO consultant works with you to understand your business, its USP and how it plans to differentiate from its competitors. This insight is extremely useful before one starts working on SEO. Since our company is based on sound business ethos, and the founder is an MBA graduate from Imperial College London, we employ rigorous business analysis and understanding. This helps us identify your target market better.

  • Competitor Analysis

SEO is a competition where you are competing with other businesses for user’s attention. Analysis of competitors helps us unearth goldmines of data about their SEO strategy and keywords that are useful for your business. By doing a detailed competitor analysis, we are able to develop an SEO strategy that can get your results easier. We conduct an SEO SWOT analysis to determine your strengths and weakness with respect to your competitors and unearth gaps which your competitors have not targeted.

  • Keyword Research

This is the most important part of an effective SEO strategy. If you are serving customers in Dubai, you should know how they are searching for products/services that you are offering. We do a detailed keyword research using a combination of several tools that help us find search patterns. Once we have identified the entire universe of searches, we work with you to filter out the most relevant keywords for your business.

  • Website Structure

A good website structure is extremely important to help Google to crawl your website effectively. Most businesses lose out because of a poor website structure, even though they maybe doing other things correctly. Based on our business understanding and keyword research, we are able to identify how the structure should be defined, and how the pages be interconnected so that the link juice passes between the pages, thus giving a bump to SEO rankings.

  • On-Page SEO

On-Page optimisation is crucial to ensure that pages adhere to certain keywords so that Google is able to understand what the page is about. For example, if you are in the business of “Selling sports shoes online” and “Selling sports shoes for men”, you need to define 2 separate pages for each and the pages should be optimised with proper meta tags. This helps Google identify which page is about sports shoes and which one is about sports shoes for men. We use a combination of primary keywords and LSI keywords to give pages a natural diversity of textual content which is looked up favourably by Google.

  • Technical and Performance Optimisation

Most websites are developed without adhering to Google’s guidelines. We optimise the websites such that they do not have any crawl errors, no 404 errors, all 301 redirects are working properly and the page is mobile responsive. We also ensure that the page is fast loading. Fast loading websites are crucial for good SEO.

  • Off-Page SEO

Quality of backlinks is a very important factor for search engine optimisation. We ensure that we provide quality backlinks from niche relevant high authority domains that give a bump up the rankings. We also focus on social signals and web 2.0 blog backlinks to help increase the domain authority of the website.

 Our Core SEO Values

We have been instrumental behind the success of several companies. Based on our extensive experience, we have developed core SEO values which we abide by and which is the secret to our success.

  • Business Understanding

We bring in strong business understanding behind SEO. Unlike most, we treat SEO as 50% business and 50% technical. We understand your business, your value proposition and your USP. This helps us understand your target market

  • Long Term Investment

We always treat SEO as a long term investment in your business. Therefore, we do not encourage any tactics that can jeopardize your success. We believe consistent efforts every month can give you huge returns.

  • White hat tactics

All of our methods are proven white hat tactics that are executed to build your domain authority. No spam, no cheap gimmicks or ludicrous promises.

  • More than on-page and off-page

SEO is just not about on-page or off-page. It is about your technicality, performance and a host of other factors that determine your success.