Welcome to RankHigher.ae, Dubai’s leading social media marketing firm.

Our social media services are tailored towards both small businesses and corporates who are looking at innovative ways to engage and retain their customers.

Social is the new marketing. It is the only form of marketing that has users as a core part of its strategy. In Dubai, Social Media has picked up in the last 2-3 years and every brand wants to use social media to engage customers.

But, what differentiates Social Media from other forms of marketing is, it is a 2 way communication. While traditional advertising methods are push marketing and users are easily put off, social has users at its core.

The power has shifted to consumers and in this era of plethora of choices, users want to engage with content that they care about.

Social Media 2.0 in Dubai

We understand that Social Media is much more than just Likes on Facebook. It is about building raving fans of your business. We are living in the era of Social Media 2.0, where engagement and interaction with your users is the key. It is about storytelling within the context of the brand.

We at RankHigher.ae help brands win the Social Media space. We have helped brands grow their engagement by 400X and sales by 10X through social media campaigns.

Why should you invest in Social Media Services in Dubai?

  • Understand your social media goals

Defining your social media goals is the key to implementing a successful social media strategy. Most brands make the mistake of not having a clear purpose of why they are on social media. As a result, their strategies are ambiguous and do not provide any business outcome. You need to have clearly identifiable goals from your social media activity; whether you want more engagement, more brand awareness or more sales. This will help you analyse whether you are putting in the right efforts for your business objectives.

  • Define your target audience

We have seen that too many brands have no clue who their ideal customer is. You cannot try to create content for everyone. You need to identify who is your primary user. We have developed an in-house method to identify users based on their behaviour, demography and psychographic details. This helps us create content tailored towards your audience which results in better business outcomes.

  • Create content that matters

Most brands are creating content at a frantic pace. As a result, people are overexposed to content. This has resulted in “content fatigue” and social media is suffering the same fate as other marketing channels. Users have started to automatically filter out content from their mindspace if it is not engaging enough. We have a team of expert marketers, content researchers, creative folks and designers who develop high quality content that is visually appealing and emotionally engaging.

  • Help your users engage with your brand

Content that does not engage your brand is content wasted. You have to create content that is engaging and within your brand context. We have helped brands grow their engagement by 400X through a mix of content. Engagement is the biggest driver for brand awareness and loyalty.

  • Get you more sales

We have helped brands sell products of more around $500,000 using social media. Whether you are a services business in Dubai or an online business, we can help you target the right audience with your offers which can help you generate more sales.

  • Develop customer loyalty

Social Media helps you build brand loyalty. Since this is a 2 way channel, customers have a voice and they are very vocal about their choices and issues which affect them. Through proper listening and proactively taking part in discussions, we develop customer loyalty for your brands.

What are the social media marketing services that we provide?

  • Social Media Page Management

We help brands manage their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn Pages. At the start of the engagement, we define the target audience and the brand positioning. Then we research the best times to post and the frequency of posts on various social media channels. We follow this pattern for social media management.

  • Social Media Campaigns

We have expertise in running paid campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. The objective of the campaigns could be video views or lead generation or sales. We define the target audience, design the communication, create and execute the ads. We use tracking metrics to measure the performance of the campaigns.

  • Online Reputation Management

Social Media has made your brand visible 24X7. And it has given a voice to customers. Therefore you need to be aware to manage your online reputation as well as proactively listen to and interact with customers. We help brands manage their social listening and online reputation. We use tools that helps keep track of all the conversations that are taking place around your brand. We analyse customer sentiment and proactively respond to users. This activity is very crucial to big brands as a good online reputation can do wonders and similarly a bad online reputation can negatively affect your business.

  • Video Campaigns

Video is the best form of content that users like to consume. Brands can get their message across through videos in the best possible manner. Also, videos have the highest chance of going viral. We have a team of storytellers and videographers who are adept at developing scripts that can promote your brand on social media.

  • Influencer Marketing & Blogger Outreach

Influencer marketing is the most talked about thing in the social world. Influencers are people with loads of followers. If they post something on Facebook or tweet something, they tend to generate loads of buzz and conversation. We work with influencers that can help you spread the word out and reach the masses.

  • Social Media Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Measuring social media efforts is very crucial for social media success. If wrong metrics are measured, then social media will not yield any tangible benefits to your business. We define objectives very clearly for each engagement and then we measure and optimise the campaigns based on performance.

Why should you work with RankHigher.ae for your Social Media?

  • Experienced Team

The management team of RankHigher.ae has extensive years of experience running successful social media campaigns for brands which have given significant business growth. Our expertise lies in understanding core aspects of marketing and psychology coupled with our expertise with social media platforms gives us 360o knowledge in defining social media campaigns.

  • Success Stories

The true worth of an agency lies in the success stories of their performance. We have delivered 400X growth in engagement, helped sell over $500,000 worth of products and services and have increased revenues by 10X. We can help you achieve the same.

  • Thought Leadership

We are involved in sharing thought leadership articles on multiple leading digital media and marketing magazines. Our work has been featured on Business Insider, Afqs as well as Astro TV (a Malaysian TV Channel). We also conduct a YouTube Show where we address digital marketing challenges of brands.

  • Social Media Pricing

One of the biggest challenges that brands face is high cost of agencies. Our services are affordable by brands and our work justifies significant ROI